Slater Manzo

Slater Manzo

Composer/producer Slater Manzo (aka D1G1T and Human Touch.) grew up in Stratford with two amazingly artistic parents who surrounded him with their excellent music, though he found his passion in EDM music when he discovered Andy Hunter’s track “Go.” Its powerful arrangement hooked him into the groove, and his love grew from there.

He started to dabble with making music when he was 12, using Garageband samples and loops to produce simple beats and melodies. Slater’s parents also made him take piano and singing lessons to encourage him. But it was dance that really captured his soul. By the time he was finishing high school, he was DJ-ing dances and choreographing for the dance club.

The last four years, he’s been starting to get serious with producing and is currently in school at Metalworks for digital music production. Slater’s trying to reproduce digitally the analog ambient warmth, while keeping the strong beat that digital production can provide.

He enjoys collaborating with other artists to create an end product that all can agree is ready for the public.