Joe Cramer (aka Hypnotriq) is a producer, composer, graphic designer, and keyboardist. He generally offers the masses a type of an Electronic sound. Noticing an extreme sensitivity to music; sound, rhythm and frequency at such a young age, Joe Cramer had no choice but to follow his natural drive to create music. He developed a love of all music due to strong influences in is family, mainly his father and uncle. Being subjected to all genres of music allowed him to fully understand what it means to make great music.

In his twenties, he began paying attention to the affect music had on people’s moods and emotions. He then decided to invest his time into not only making music but understanding what about pitch and certain tones induced emotions. Armed with a sense of the inner workings of music Joe started to lay it down, creating beat by beat, into layers of intention. His style of music is the kind moments are made with; if you had his music in the background, you’d feel every second. So close your eyes, open your ears, and prepare yourself for chills.