Thomas J. Laren


Thomas J. Laren was born in Moscow, Russia in 1984. His love affair with electronic music started in 1996, when his grandmother encouraged him to buy German rave band Dune’s first album. Since then, Laren has been addicted to rave and happy hardcore music. It was in 2001 when his sister gave him the Sub Terranean Recordings compilation album “Rave Mission X,” when he became inspired to take producing electronic music more seriously.

Laren derives inspiration from such artists as Taucher, DJ Quicksilver, DJ Tomcraft, Paul van Dyk and the Members Of Mayday. Da Hool and Marusha give Laren the most inspiration for the style of some of his tracks.

In his own words, “I live by electronic music. I live by the first wave rave. I’m glad this is what I breathe for living.”