What is Teknofonic Recordings?

Teknofonic Recordings, headquartered in New York City, is an independent record label and artist services company that supports forward-thinking artists producing genre-bending electronic dance music and gives a platform for emerging talent to reach diverse audiences. At its core, the label seeks to unite adventurous listeners with the boundary-crossing creators who are not afraid to revolutionize the electronic dance music scene.


How are you different from other record labels?

Record labels offer either a non-exclusive recording agreement, an exclusive contract, or a “360” deal to the artists they sign. In a non-exclusive recording agreement, an artist assigns the copyright on certain recordings to the label but is not engaged exclusively by the label as a recording and performing artist. This means that the artist is free to assign to other labels copyright of songs not covered in the agreement. In an exclusive agreement, the label will tie up the artist for a period of time (called the term). This means that everything that the artist records during this period of time will be assigned to the label. A “360” deal is an exclusive recording contract between a record label and an artist where, in addition to monies from sales of the artist’s recorded music, the label shares in other income streams such as touring and live performance, merchandise, endorsements, appearances in movies and TV, and if the artist also writes songs, publishing. This is typically the deal major labels offer their artists.

Teknofonic Recordings offers a non-exclusive agreement.  However, unlike all other record labels that offer a non-exclusive agreement, OUR ARTISTS KEEP THE COPYRIGHT to their recordings. When you sign with other labels, you sign away the rights to your tracks. That means you can never get it back unless you buy it back from the label. At Teknofonic Recordings, our artists also receive a higher percentage of the sales from their music than any other label.


How are you different from other music distribution services that support independent artists?

While independent music distribution services let you keep ownership of your music, all of them charge you an annual submission fee per release, a flat annual fee for unlimited releases, or a one-time per release fee and a percentage of your sales to release your music. Some even charge for each store/service your music is made available. At Teknofonic Recordings, our artists do not pay any of these types of fees. Unlike Teknofonic Recordings, these distribution services do not promote all of their artists’ releases for free and do not offer personalized feedback so that you put your best foot forward with each release. They also do not promote your releases to prominent DJs who will play your music in clubs or on the radio like we do. We are selective of the artists we work with so that you have a better chance of getting your music heard in an extremely competitive marketplace.


Am I exclusive when I sign with Teknofonic Recordings?

No. You are free to sign your tracks not being released by Teknofonic Recordings to other labels. You are also free to sell your music not being released by Teknofonic Recordings through other distribution services.


Where is my music released?

We deliver our releases to hundreds of stores and services around the globe. This includes services such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, along with electronic music specific platforms such as Beatport, Traxsource, and Juno Download. For a current list of digital stores and service providers we work with, click here.


Do you promote my music?

Yes. We promote all of our releases on our social media channels, through our weekly e-newsletter, and send targeted emails to electronic music blogs and online/traditional radio outlets for free. We also offer additional promotion opportunities at affordable rates as well as Soundcloud Promotion to get you even more exposure. For more information, see Services for Teknofonic Artists. We also encourage our artists to take a DIY approach when it comes to securing press coverage while giving free advice along the way, or we can connect you with our network of publicists for additional assistance.


What is Youtube Monetization?

With YouTube becoming the number one place to listen to music on the internet, it pays to ensure that your rights on YouTube are managed efficiently. Through a partnership with Label WorxTeknofonic Recordings helps its artists tackle copyright issues and ensures that they generate the most revenue from any online videos that use their music. We will monetize any videos using your music, which may appear legally or illegally on someone’s channel, by controlling the ads that appear and claim ad revenue on your behalf.


What is Soundcloud Monetization?

Through Soundcloud’s On Soundcloud program, we will monetize your tracks that we upload to our Soundcloud profile so you can earn money from ad revenue when people play your music. We will also have your Soundcloud profile whitelisted so you can earn additional revenue from the tracks on your own profile. 


Other than sales from streaming and digital downloads, what other royalties do you collect on behalf of your artists?

Neighboring Rights is one of the fastest growing revenue streams in music. If your music has been broadcast on radio, TV, in a public place such as a bar or restaurant, or on new media somewhere in the world, then there is revenue waiting for you. Through a partnership with PPL, Teknofonic Recordings helps its artists collect the royalties that are due to them as rights holders of sound recordings.


What other services do you offer?

Teknofonic Recordings offers a variety of low-cost marketing packages tailored to your specific needs and budget. Whether it’s through social media ad campaigns that grow your fanbase or helping you to develop your brand identity, we give you the competitive edge you need to get your music heard in today’s marketplace. We also offer professional mastering services.


Do you accept remixes or mashups for distribution?

No. We only accept original music for distribution. If you use loops in your music that you did not create yourself, you must have either used royalty-free samples or have obtained copyright clearance.