Mastering is an essential part of finishing any production. Our professional audio engineers have a proven track record in applying professional mastering to all genres of electronic dance music. Using a combination of classic techniques such as mid-side, parallel processing and phase correction, with state-of-the-art equipment and monitoring, they will take your final mix and optimize it, raising the overall dynamics, adding clarity and punch, and balancing the EQ to ensure your track is able to compete at an industry standard level in both quality and volume. Turn around time for mastering is 2 to 3 business days.

You do not have to be releasing your music on our label to use our mastering services!

Standard Mastering
Regular Rate: $50
Label Artist Rate: $25
Your track professionally mastered and returned to you in your chosen format (16bit WAV, 24bit WAV, 320kbps MP3).

Premium Mastering
Regular Rate: $100
Label Artist Rate: $50
Your track professionally mastered PLUS a mixdown advice report and recommendations from the mastering engineer with up to one re-mastering attempt if required to fine-tune your sound. Returned to you in your chosen format (16bit WAV, 24bit WAV, 320kbps MP3).

Choose Mastering:

After you have placed an order, we will contact you with instructions on uploading your mix and/or stems with one or two commercially released reference tracks that closely resembles your desired sound to our servers.

Note: Only artists releasing music on the Teknofonic Recordings imprint are eligible for the Label Artist rates. Label artists should contact artists(at) directly to place an order to receive the discounted rates.