Jilted Hoodz


JILTED HOODZ – “Where Street Beats meet Space Travel.”

The Jilted Hoodz’ style is hard to put in a box due to genre-defying qualities, but could be described as something a bit like ‘The Philharmonic’ orchestra gets bass obsessed and meets with ‘The Chronic.’

Since being discovered and signed by Inception Records (UK) through Soundcloud during 2013, Jilted Hoodz burst onto the scene reaching No.3 on the Beatport world Top 100 Glitch Hop charts with the debut EP, followed by a second EP release which went to No.8 on the Juno world top 500 Breakbeat charts.

Jilted Hoodz warp the wave forms with uniquely twisted fat track-matter. Witness the sickness as these underground sounds rise to the digital surface. Multidimensional beats are plucked from the cosmos, falling like raindrops on Bass crops.

The Jilted Hoodz signature ‘feel good darkness’ and glitched-out, fat and funky sounds, are characterised by bottom heavy combinations of obesely broken beats, and beasty bass articulations. These elements are often contrasted by hauntingly beautiful instrumentals.

These characteristics are underpinned by influences and genres including – Glitch Hop,Trip Hop, Dubstep, Breakbeat, IDM, Future/Bass Music, and Hip Hop to name a few.

“So gather round Beat & Bass agents, wherever you are. You are now entering the Sound Space of the Jilted Hoodz – Intergalactic Underground.”

Previous Releases:
Morphogenesis – (Track 5) – Vol.III, Part 2, Inception Records, VA split EP
Bass of Origin – Chilled out Glitch Hop, Inception Records
Atomic Spectre – Future Bass/ Breakbeat