Raine & Wageman

Raine & Wageman

One Friday night at a tavern in 2010 in southern Tasmania, Australia, Mike Raine (bass) and Miranda Wageman (violin) launched into an impromptu improvisation during a lull in the normal musical mayhem that takes place there. There was an immediate musical rapport between them, and from this emerged the idea of a recording collaboration.

The idea was to explore and experiment with a variety of musical styles, with the focus being on the violin. From time to time, Neil Levis, a renowned Hobart jazz keyboard player would join them as well as Paul Svenson on percussion.

From this emerged their first CD ‘The fool in the broken glass’, with 15 tracks revealing influences from around the globe.

Since then, Mike and Miranda have continued experimenting with different sounds and ideas, and continue to record their efforts in Mike’s studio in Ranelagh, with their second CD “Dreams in Motion” arriving in July 2013. This was followed by “Last Port of Call” in December 2014. All CDs include originals from Miranda and Mike, and, like ‘The fool in the broken glass’, a couple of tracks of classical origins.