Sonic Fear

Sonic Fear

Adam Reifsteck (aka SONIC FEAR) is an American composer, producer, and curator of new music. Whether writing for small ensembles, producing electronic music, or performing improvised group compositions on Wi-Fi-connected laptops, Reifsteck creates dynamic, futuristic sound worlds and brings new audiences to classical music.

The desire to express the collective human experience in musical form is central to the creative philosophy of Reifsteck whose collaborators range from string quartets and university choirs to visual and electronic artists. He embraces improvisatory approaches to composition that go beyond the notes on the page to connect the performers with the listeners on a deeper sensory level and believes in creating accessible concert experiences that resonate with diverse audiences.

Recipient of grants from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation, and the Kalamazoo (MI) Community Foundation, his music has been performed by the Attacca Quartet, Cadillac Moon Ensemble, Duquesne University Chamber Singers, Flutronix, Gaudete Brass Quintet, Mana Saxophone Quartet, Western Michigan University Chorale, and other ensembles. Reifsteck is currently working on a new clarinet quartet commissioned by the Chicago Clarinet Ensemble.

Drawing upon his music technology background, Reifsteck is also an active recording engineer and producer whose studio alias SONIC FEAR has become synonymous with lush, genre-bending sounds—from dance floor ready tracks to downtempo meditations—that transport listeners to an exciting digital realm. In 2015, he will release a new EP of electronic dance music on his newly founded label Teknofonic Recordings, LLC; the studio recording of his contemporary classical work FRAGMENTED FRACTALS; as well as an interactive iPhone app that engages listeners on both audio and visual levels.