Master Rights Management

Digital Performance Royalties for Sound Recordings
Through a partnership with PPL, Teknofonic Recordings helps its artists collect the royalties that are due to them as rights holders of sound recordings from internet radio and digital/on-demand streaming services worldwide.

YouTube Monetization
With YouTube becoming the number one place to listen to music on the internet, it pays to ensure that your rights on YouTube are managed efficiently. Through a partnership with Label WorxTeknofonic Recordings helps its artists tackle copyright issues and ensures that they generate the most revenue from any online videos that use their music. Label Worx are experts in Music Video monetization on a global scale. Together, we work above and beyond automated platform tools to ensure your content is protected, managed, and monetized correctly. Label Worx works with some of world’s leading dance labels and are globally recognized by many of the leading artists in the industry. How does it work? We will monetize any videos using your music, which may appear legally or illegally on someone’s channel, by controlling the ads that appear and claim ad revenue on your behalf.  With Label Worx, we make sure you are not missing out on any key revenue due to you from the use of any tracks on YouTube that you release with Teknofonic Recordings.

Soundcloud Monetization
Through Soundcloud’s On Soundcloud program, we will monetize your tracks that we upload to our Soundcloud profile so you can earn money from ad revenue when people play your music. We will also have your Soundcloud profile whitelisted so you can earn additional revenue from the tracks on your own profile. 

Master Rights Management is included as part of our distribution agreements with our artists. For more information, contact artists(at)

Soundcloud Promotion
We upload previews of all of our releases to Soundcloud so that our artists can get additional exposure for their music on the platform. But one of the most effective promotion strategies we have seen on Soundcloud is the concept of offering a track as a free download in exchange for an email address. When we make your track available as a free download on our Soundcloud page, listeners must provide an email address in order to download the track for free. This is an optional free opted-in service that really helps boost your email list. If you would like to participate, send an email to artists(at)
DJ Promos
Through partnerships with zipDJ and PromoOnly, we get your music heard by today’s leading DJs, industry tastemakers, podcasters, and radio hosts. We deliver our releases on these platforms as part of your distribution agreement to get you even more exposure for your music. If you do not want your releases delivered to these platforms, please contact artists(at)
Marketing & Branding
Our artists receive free promotion when we publicize our releases on our social media channels, through our weekly e-newsletter, and in targeted emails to electronic music blogs and online/traditional radio outlets. However, we understand that more strategic promotion efforts are often needed to gain the right exposure for your music. That’s why we offer a variety of low-cost marketing packages tailored to your specific needs and budget. From our social media ad campaigns that grow your fanbase to helping you develop your brand identity, we give you the competitive edge you need to get your music heard in today’s marketplace. Contact artists(at) for more information and rates.
Music Career Coaching
Coaching is the ultimate weapon for success in the music industry. In today’s competitive marketplace, an artist must be able to do more than just release great music. If you look at the top electronic music producers and DJs today, you’ll notice that they don’t achieve success on their own. As a Teknofonic Artist, you will learn how to avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls when taking your music to the next level. We can help you develop strategies for building a fulfilling, meaningful, manageable, and sustainable professional career in music. For your free 30 minute introductory coaching session and to learn more about the program, email artists(at)