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Looking for a better way to release your music? Teknofonic Recordings, an independent record label and artist services company based in New York City, supports forward-thinking artists producing genre-bending electronic dance music and gives a platform for emerging talent to reach diverse audiences. We are actively seeking talented artists who are not afraid to push the boundaries, and we are eager to help you release your music on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, and other digital stores.

As a nontraditional label, Teknofonic Recordings not only allows its artists to keep complete ownership of their music, but offers a higher percentage of its sales than most other labels give their artists. In addition, Teknofonic artists have no submission fees for releases like other independent music distribution services. We also help our artists collect royalties that are due to them as rights holders of sound recordings from internet radio and digital/on-demand streaming services worldwide and for the use of their tracks on YouTube. We also promote all of our releases on our social media channels, through our weekly e-newsletter, and send targeted emails to electronic music blogs and online/traditional radio outlets for free! Teknofonic artists also have access to discounted rates on mastering services, low-cost marketing services, and Soundcloud promotion.

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