Teknofonic Essentials Vol. 2 Out Now

Closing out an amazing year of genre-bending releases from some of today’s most innovative artists is the release of our second compilation album. Seeking to unite adventurous listeners with the boundary-crossing creators who are not afraid to revolutionize the electronic dance music scene, this massive collection truly has something for everyone. Get it now on iTunes, stream on Spotify, or download from your favorite digital music store.

Featured Artists:
Phil Day, Jiggz, Anndres Orttega, 3logit, Boom, Addliss, Perry Engineering, Upper Regions, She’s excited!, Guffy Gusto, J Tizzle, Current Control, Ermias, Sauerwelt, S.G.B., This Human Condition, Elastic Plastic Generation, Jonny Falls Over, Concrete Disco, and Danny Satori.